Spring - Summer 2024

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Wabi-sabi: A way of life centered on finding beauty within imperfection and peacefully accepting the natural cycle of growth and decay.

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This month at ça va de soi, we find new meanings in our collections by looking at them through the lens of the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi. The pillars of this time-honoured philosophy ‑ seeking balance, simplicity, and beauty in imperfections ‑ have invariably been reflected in ça va de soi’s ethos. 

Whether expressed through our stores’ interior designs or in the creation of our pieces, what we seek above all is the beauty and comfort that are felt when we accept things as they are. To our minds, our knits are so much more than ‘just clothes’: they reflect a philosophy, represent a story, a way of seeing the world and being in it. Lifelong companions, pieces that feel like they have always been part of your life. They do not lose their quality with time, instead becoming more beautiful as time goes on, like our thousand washes cotton tee-shirts, which merely gain in softness and comfort with each wash. Each wear feels like being in a dear friend’s embrace.

When July brings with it sun-scorched days and an unwavering heat that attach itself to the skin, we succumb to the desire to jump into lightweight materials, their softness and comfort acting as a balm against the humid afternoons that give way to happy nights. ça va de soi’s cotton-linen and Arctic cotton collections, perfect for this thunderous weather, were conceived to be simplicity itself. Elegant and effortless designs which allow us to enjoy the warmth in style and grace, in a palette directly inspired from nature’s wisdom: white, alabaster, ivory, sand, sahara, dune, concrete, cloud, baobab, jute, pearl, papyrus, pink sand, magnolia…

Above all, what we seek is to extend the same compassion we offer nature to ourselves. The most beautiful gardens aren’t perfect, so why should we be? In the same way we admire the leaves turning amber in autumn or the soft wilting of a petal, let us admire the passing of time on our bodies as on our minds. After all, each white hair acts merely as a symbol of wisdom, each wrinkle in the corner of the eye as the memory of a time we laughed in the company of dear friends…

From our archives: here is a memory of a beautiful moment spent with our clients, our friends, for our spring-summer 2013 campaign photographed by Neil Mota, which is still beautiful in our eyes, 8 years later.