Spring - Summer 2024

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ça va bain

knitwear spa

ça va bain  is a source of rejuvenation for ça va de soi  knitwear, offering a high level of care and personalized maintenance. We are delighted to be able to offer a laundry service in our image that allows us to wash, restore, refresh and renew your favorite knits giving them a second life. ça va bain  is a natural extension of our philosophy of authenticity and sustainability.

Our ça va bain  manager will take care of your favourite sweaters with meticulous care and passion. She will personally handle each one of your pieces, washing them individually by hand and dry flat them, using environment-friendly products, which will assure your sweater a second life. All breakage, from holes to stubborn stains and de-pilling, will be thoroughly treated until the sweater is like new. Just come on over to any ça va de soi  store  to drop off your sweater. We will be happy to send it to the laundry room ourselves. 


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1361 Avenue Greene, Westmount (Québec) H3Z 2A5