Spring - Summer 2024

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ça va de soi, it' a tightly knit team

From the initial family nucleus, new members have been added over the years.

At ça va de soi, we believe that each collaborating member is special and that they have unique strengths. Our first concern is to ensure that the diversity of our talents is expressed within the company. Like a flight of geese, we are a team.

Belonging to ça va de soi is:

1) To appreciate the “slow wear” spirit, designed to last.

2) To be passionate about what you do.

3) To recognize the simplicity in the details and nuances.

4) To participate in the elimination of boundaries between seasons, eras and generations.

5) To adhere to the "Kaizen" principle. A Japanese word formed of "Kai" meaning change, and "Zen", that is to say the best, which refers to a process of continuous improvement requiring the involvement of everyone.

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