Spring - Summer 2024

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Au coin des connaisseurs

ça va de soi's new concept store dedicated to our archives

Dear connoisseurs,

Over the years, you’ve watched us grow, and, in turn, we’ve seen you blossom. Like the first thread that marks the beginning of each ça va de soi sweater connects with others to create a stunning final result, we’re evolving side by side and becoming intertwined. You and us, we’re tight knit, and it’s in this spirit of sharing that we invite you to joins us in our brand-new endeavour: Au Coin des connaisseurs.

Our archives are filled with beautiful, unique pieces that you can no longer find in our traditional boutiques. ça va de soi classics, like Baya, Shilo, Bréra, Mia, Romy, Star, Gabin or Karl, to which we have grown so attached. It’s now time to reunite them with you, dear friends and muses. Come join us in our playful new space located at 12 Saint-Joseph Est and embark on a treasure hunt.

The same ethos, a whole new atmosphere, and a creative lab open to collaborations with artists, and friends of the house:

We’re leaving behind carefully organized piles to invite you to browse freely through newly designed rolling racks, mixed with upcycled furniture from the past... 

Your very favourite sweater that you dream of getting in another colour? That piece you love but can’t find on the website? They’ll all be waiting for you, ready to be (re)discovered.

Members of the ça va de soi family, the ultimate connoisseurs, will be happy to guide you and help you find what you need. Starting in the spring of 2022, you’ll also find us online, where finding your dream piece will never have been easier thanks to the possibility of refining your search by colour, style, collection, fabric, and size. With our timeless pieces that look as much at home in a contemporary Montreal as they would in a Godard film, we have never had sales before. 

For the first time and exclusively for the Coin des connaisseurs, you can now find your favourite pieces at 50% of the original price. 

Join the party and explore our archives. It’s time to discover and re/discover. Welcome to Au coin des connaisseurs.

12 Saint-Joseph blvd. East Montreal (QC) H2T 1G8

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