Spring - Summer 2024

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Service de réparation pour les tricots ça va de soi
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Repair service for ça va de soi knits

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Weaving, darning, refurbishment:

Did you know that the longevity of a product is not only linked to the quality of the materials used and the know-how of the expert hands who manufacture it, but also to the ability of those who find solutions to put them back to their original state. 
At ça va de soi, it is a priority at the heart of our after-sales service.

All the parts that require intervention, from the simplest to the most complex, are taken care of and sent to çava bain: our laundry room from where we manage this service.

Pilling, pulled threads, stitches, holes, are treated by expert hands and craftsmen-repairers trained in the art of darning and remeshing - real stitch surgeons!
We have kept the spools of thread and the buttons of the collections in order to be able to carry out repairs and revive these exceptional sweaters.

Sometimes in çava bain we even receive sweaters which bear witness 15 years of usage, and which have nothing. This allows us to pamper them and make sure they last even longer ....

Please consult our estimate grid for your repairs and refurbishments by clicking here.