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Rouge toujours...
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Let it be, Red.

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We recently collaborated with Sabine Benoît, renowned colorist from France, now based in the city Quebec after sejourning in Montreal.

We have encountered Sabine on a few occasions over the past few years and have organized various private in-store events with our customers about color harmonies based on personality and style.

Which brings us here today to share with you this article that Sabine wrote for ça va de soi about red - a color that rhymes with passion, performance, sport, romance, nostalgia, and femininity.

We hope that this text will convince you of the power of this color... and you will consider it, even adopt it, or relive your passion for red through your wardrobe. The ability to appreciate the red knit is yours!

Winter White

The snow is falling without hurry; small flakes, numerous, scattered and light, float in the veiled light. Snow white outside and by my window inside, a red winter rosebush and the overwhelming harmony of red and white. In the tale, everything changes with a red apple, attractive and poisoned.

The ambivalence of red is shining desire, irresistible attraction and danger, life and death merging in the same color. The red of a kiss, of lipstick, the red of a bouquet, the confession of a passionate lover, the red of the great days of Christmas, Spring Festival in Russia, weddings in the far East…

On the flip side: the red of bewitched slippers, the fatal red of Carmen and bullfighting, and the red of emergencies. Therefore, dressing in red is not trivial, it is about embracing passion, embracing life in all its possibilities and taking action. Red is bold. He plays trump and sheds his cards.

No pretense nor half-measure, red is a provocation, an invitation. Depending on our mood and the time, it's red that loves us: nocturnal and mysterious, the height of femininity that hints at its fragility, in carmine, cherry, garnet… Red is dizzying! Or it can be sunny and victorious, in poppy and Rosso corsa, a color of self-confidence, strength and momentum; in competition red opens all doors.

It is itself a whole program yet red tolerates secondary colors to deliver a different message. Tempered in a medium gray, sky blue or camel, red signifies a chic silhouette and sophistication. Combined with purple, it's a highflying couture accord. As for black, it intensifies the dramaturgy and accentuates its power of seduction, like the sulphurous red of a tango under tension.

Ultimately, wearing red is betting on the "effect of presence" because this color is sufficiently eloquent in itself. Wear red and just be… Let it be red.

— Sabine Benoît, colorist