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J365 de la pandémie: une nouvelle vie, un nouveau monde.
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365 days later.... A new life, a new world

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A Reflection and an optimistic vision of

Sophie-Aude: a member of the ça va de soi family on the benefits of teamwork, the feeling of belonging and the spirit of community. A poetic text, and a vision of a promising future…

“To foster, serve and strengthen: a company is like any community”

  • 2 Williams, Nathan (Ed.), 2017. The Kinfolk Entrepreneur. New York: Artisan, p.213.

It will be a year since the pandemic catapulted us into a cocoon that was not of our own making. What did we learn from it? How did we adapt?

If this sudden transformation was certainly synonymous with dread and uneasiness, it parallelly took the form of a burst of inspiration – an undeniable force pushing us to reinvent ourselves.

It was an opportunity for metamorphosis- for changing in order to pursue a future that builds upon past traditions and knowledge to create something even brighter. A future focused on community, on our collective well-being, on creativity. Team work has always been fundamental to ça va de soi’s essence, but the current circumstances have put it even more at the forefront. It became the first brick in the foundation of our enterprise, allowing us to share with you our passion and knowledge.

It is easier than ever to feel lonely and isolated. The only answer to these dark times is to strive to create and sustain community in our everyday life. Anchored in a shared passion for quality and timeless beauty, and nourished by mutual respect and a love for slow fashion, our community is blossoming every day.

We invite you to be inspired this month by joining us on social media, where members of our team will be introducing their role in the company and their favourite ça va de soi pieces. Whether it’s International Women’s Day, Earth Hour, or World Water Day, March contains plenty of opportunities to remind ourselves of what really matters, and that we live interconnectedly, our actions impacting more than just our own lives.

In these uncertain times, let us remember that spring, like the blooming of the first snowdrops, will come. Until then, let us be nourished by our shared sense of community, which will sustain us to better days. Sophie-Aude Boily Thériault