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Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm


5158, Boulevard Saint-Laurent,

Montreal, QC, H2T 1R8

5158, Boulevard Saint-Laurent,

Montreal, QC, H2T 1R8

Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm

About ça va de soi

Montreal knitwear house 

Natural fibres, expertise and innovation. 

The story of ça va de soi knitwear house began when a passion for style met a passion for '' slow fashion''

ça va de soi reinvents knitwear essentials. Made of noble fibers, the pieces are crafted for durability and sold at the fairest prices.

Since 1972, ça va de soi has produced timeless classics based on real life.

In recent years, the founders of ça va de soi, Antoine Nasri and Odile Bougain, have taken the time to pass on their unique know-how to young talents and to their children, in what has become a wonderful story of family.

Our Story

It all started one day in 1972 when Odile and Antoine Nasri decided to think outside the box regarding the overconsumption of ready-to-wear.

ça va de soi does not follow models, they defied the laws of the markets implying the renewal of one's skills twice a year in seasonal collections.

We never start from scratch when we rely on exceptional raw materials...

Between the collection of pure classics and the avant-garde creations that punctuate the seasons, the common thread of inspiration never breaks; starting first with material, followed by colour, then shape.


1972: Antoine starts a company in the clothing trade with his brothers.

1974: Date of meeting Odile and Antoine

1991: Birth of ça va de soi: the ça va de soi house is making a place for itself in the wardrobes of Montrealers as avant-garde “slow fashion”

1995: Start date of exclusive use of Italian spinners

2001: Acquisition of a building in Mile-End 5158 St-Laurent to set up its head office.

2006: Laurier opens in the Outremont district

2008: ça va de soi opens internationally with a distributor in Japan and via shows in Paris (Who's Next) and New York (Coterie)

2009: Opening Ottawa and Ogilvy

2012: Opening in Old Quebec rue Saint-Jean

2013: Toronto opens in Yorkville

2014: Launch of the ça va de soi e-commerce site

2016: Opening of the Greene Avenue store in Westmount and inauguration of ça va bain: washing and repair service for ça va de soi parts.

2019: Launch of the upcycling program, zero waste objective

2020: Launch of the new website

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