Spring - Summer 2024

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Our philosophy and promise

ça va de soi creates timeless knitwear, independent of fashion trends and seasons, in favour of evoking deep emotions. All our knits are designed by the family in Montreal.

An elegant garment, without compromising on comfort and functionality, which leaves room for the wearer to express their own personal style.

Made exclusively from noble materials, treated, spun and dyed in Italy; ça va de soi knits are made by our artisans-partners in a small atelier in Jinan, in the Shandong region.

With nature as our guide, all of our partnerships from raw material, to yarn spinning, to knitting and finishing respect and follow the latest and strictest  sustainability standards and certifications, without forgetting in every step of the journey, the human behind it.

Our silhouettes are known to be ageless, and to stand the test of time.

We even went so far as to integrate a maintenance, repair and refurbishment service ça va bain, our in-house knitwear spa.

This was followed by the addition of an upcycling department in 2019, which allows us to reuse parts of sweaters that are returned or no longer used in order to create unique lifestyle items.


The vertical structure of ça va de soi, without intermediaries, results in a product of great value in its price-performance ratio. 

Thus, there is no secret to ça va de soi, the price is justified by a fair share between:

Raw material


Make (Production)


Transport, customs, duties




Administrative costs 

(including financial costs, insurance, rents, salaries, marketing) 


Profit and reinvestment