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Cachemire Royal

Royal Cashmere

14.5 - micron

A gift from the heart of Mongolia

We went directly to the source in the heart of Mongolia, where goats graze at the foot of the mountains, to create this collection made of royal cashmere, an exceptional down, the result of meticulous hand-sorting that aims to retain only the longest, whitest, and finest fibres.

The perfect beauty and elegance of this rare yarn are matched only by the pleasure of its gentle warmth on the bit. A material that has all the criteria of shine, lightness, softness, warmth and durability at the same time! Its 14.5 micron makes it like a second skin.

YONI frost


YAMA cognac


JAVANA black


JAVANA rhubarbe


SWAN black


YONI black


SAVINI black


SAVINI rhubarbe


YOJI black


YONI barley


YONI cognac