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5158, Boulevard Saint-Laurent,

Montreal, QC, H2T 1R8

Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm

Care guide for cotton and viscose

How to wash cotton or viscose knitwear and t-shirts


  • Look for spots and rub gently with a stain-removing solution
  • Sort clothing into like colours


Hand washing:

  • Turn garment inside out
  • Soak in lukewarm water (about 30°c) using mild soap, do not leave more than 20 minutes
  • Agitate clothing by hand and rinse in warm water

Machine washing:

  • Turn garment inside out and place in a net washing bag
  • Wash on the gentlest cycle in warm water (about 30°c) using mild soap


  • Dry flat on a dry towel or on a rack (do not hang) and reshaping garment. Avoid any heat source and direct sunlight
  • Many use the tumble dry cold air technique, which is a good tip for cottons and viscoses. After a good spin in the machine or by rolling in a towel, it is possible to spend 15-20 minutes. This gives shape and space to the stitches. It can be done after drying flat or before.


  • Cotton knits regain their shape and softness well when given a little steaming iron. This removes creases and gives shape to the stitches.
  • Heat the iron at the correct temperature setting
  • Cover the garment with a slightly damp cloth to prevent the heat from scorching the the fibres.
  • Favour the use of steam to iron

Dry cleaning

For dry cleaning of cottons, we recommend using cleaners that offer the option of detergents and natural products.


For seasonal storage, place clean garments along with an insect-repelling product in a container that allows air to circulate. (Grains of lavender, pepper, or pass a cloth lightly soaked in your favorite essential oil (Tea Tree Oil, Cedar, Eucalyptus, or lavender has anti fungal properties, and repels moths)

In general, cotton will expand upon contact with water. So it is important to never hang your cotton knits, especially cottons in larger gauges for a very long time, neither when drying, nor to put them away to make sure that they keep their shape.

Why does cotton lose its volume in the first wash?

We demystify the myth of our industry that the 5 to 8% volume loss after washing, and drying. The reason being the step from pre-washing and drying to finishing the production. At ça va de soi, we wash the parts in our workshops before packaging in distilled water, with certified organic detergents from Germany or Switzerland. The clothes are then put in the dryer, cold temperature for a longer duration, to restore shine and shape to the knits. The last stage of the shaped steam iron

Remember that we offer repair and refurbishment service.

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