Spring - Summer 2024

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Bucolic, the month of August is often lived in an idyllic way.

Daydreaming while watching nature at its greenest and at its peak.

A breeze caresses us, and reminds us that back to school/work is fast approaching ...

Fall awaits us, our cherished season.

Let's adopt and wear all those colors that the sun makes so beautiful in our eyes and on our skin.

To your poems, to your idylls.


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A tribute to the impressionists

The Impressionists have often been seen as revolutionaries in the art world, and precursors of modern art. The avant-garde spirit, the audacity and the perseverance of these artists are qualities that we highly value.

This month we are composing harmonies inspired by the pre-impressionist era of Monet, which still did not know his glory in 1867, and two works by Maurice Denis of the post-impressionist and avant-garde group of the Nabis.

Claude Monet - Femmes au jardin, 1866 (Musée d’Orsay) 

Claude Monet - Jardin en fleurs, à Sainte-Adresse, 1866

Maurice Denis - Taches de soleil sur la terrasse, 1890

Maurice Denis - Le Paradis,1912