Spring - Summer 2024

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Vernissage de Frédéric Leblanc à Québec
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Opening of Frédéric Leblanc's exhibit in Quebec

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On October 19th, we had our second collaboration with the artist Frédéric Leblanc.

Twelve photographic works were exhibited and sold on the same evening.

During the private viewing of the exhibition titled "I Sailed Paris, the Blues in the Heart," the atmosphere was infused with the spirit of the City of Light. The artist, known for his beautiful sensitivity, created a striking visual universe, reflecting the images of cafes, bars, and streets of Paris. The event was an immersive experience, where every visitor had a moment with the artist Frédéric.

The artist, with his exquisite sensitivity, managed to capture the essence of the blues that resonates in the heart of the city and in the souls of its inhabitants. His work was an invitation to get lost in the cobblestone alleys, to savor a coffee in a small bistro, or to stroll along the Seine. Frédéric's paintings had the power to evoke deep emotions, and everyone could feel the whirlwind of emotions that animated the artist in his creative process.

The event was a great success, thanks to the warm and numerous presence of Frédéric's friends. His musician friends also contributed to the ambiance by offering blues and rock performances that echoed the artist's inspiration. The evening concluded with a poetry presentation by Frédéric himself, adding a literary dimension to his visual work.

Finally, a big thank you to Cidres Intrus  for offering delicious discoveries and a variety of their natural cider. The combination of these ciders with the art of Frédéric Leblanc created an even richer and immersive atmosphere, allowing guests to experience a truly Parisian atmosphere.

This vernissage was a celebration of art, music, and poetry, and a tribute to the beautiful sensitivity of Frédéric Leblanc.

We would do it again!