Spring - Summer 2024

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Une nouvelle ligne de t-shirt fabriquée en Italie
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A new t-shirt line, made in Italy

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By Oscalito, for ça va de soi

This summer marks a turning point in our collaboration with the Italian company Oscalito, founded in 1936 in Turin, Italy, which specializes in lingerie.

We collaborated with the third generation of a vertical family company, Oscalito, to create the perfect underwear t-shirt, the one we've always dreamed of.

Starting from prototypes of Oscalito's permanent collection, we adjusted 3 great classics: the short-sleeved and long-sleeved crew-neck t-shirt, as well as the tank top. These three key wardrobe items were carefully created and produced in the Oscalito Ateliers this spring for us.

Here are some details in the tailoring process that make these second skin pieces unique and durable:

The secret comes from the old-fashioned, slow-paced circular machines. A deliberate choice to favor quality, enhance the characteristics of the yarn and obtain a fabric with the right balance between softness and elasticity.

The finished product offers a unique reach thanks to the Seamless technique - known for its unparalleled comfort.

For jersey and fine ribs, the cutting edge of technology is used with an automatic computer-assisted cutting machine.

Zero waste is the motto since each fabric is used by planning all the pieces to avoid scraps as much as possible. These are then recycled and even used for high performance padding such as punching bags.

The assembly of the pieces and the finishing seams are the key step for the fit and the appearance of the piece, the years of experience transmitted demonstrate the mastery of the Oscalito house that we admire so much.

Discover Mandria, Pellerina, and Ruffini, three famous parks in Turin, named in honor of this magnificent city that has charmed us!