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Événement autour de la campagne de la laine Canadienne chez ça va de soi
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Canadian campaign for wool event at ça va de soi

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On December 6th, last year, ça va de soi had the honor of hosting at its headquarters the participants of the International Wool Textile Organization (IWTO) roundtable, the first of its kind in Canada, held in Montreal from December 4th to 6th.

Seventy delegates from around the world gathered in Montreal to discuss the sustainable development of wool in Canada.

Experts and professionals in the textile field shared their knowledge and recommendations over tea and shortbread cookies. We discussed sourcing quality defined by the sheep's conditions in its environment, rigorous material testing, sorting, spinning (combing and carding), quality measurements, and maintenance.

It was a great privilege for the ça va de soi team to share our passion for wool with such knowledgeable individuals from around the world.

A great thank you to Peter Ackroyd from Woolmark International Pty Ltd (Royaume Uni), Annika Capelan from Aarhus University (Suède), Heather Chruch from Warmth & Weather (Canada), Ellen Edney from Mariposa Wool Mill (Canada), Michael Jackson from Australian de Wool Testing Authority Ltd (Australie), Klaus-Jürgen Kraatz from Deutsche Wollvereinigung e.V. (Allemagne), Miko Lindner and Mauro Sellitto from Südwolle Group GmbH (Allemagne et États-Unis), Kelly Nesto from Nestor Hoisery (État-Unis), Liz Pead from Liz Pead Studio (Canada), Robert Ryan from Schute Bell Badgery Lumby (Australie), Christian Schmidt and Liza Yegorov from Black Sheep Mattress Company Ltd. (Canada), Patrick and Christine Strehle from NSC Schlumberger (France), Chris Tattersall from Wool Room Ltd (Royaume Uni), Phillippa Wright from Wright Wool (Nouvelle Zélande), Janne Maki from Barker Textiles (Lithuanie), Dalena White, Jeanette Cook, Amanda Millard, Ben Roberts, from  l'International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) (Belgique), Nick Caneparo from l'International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) (Italie), Klaus Steger from l'International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) (Allemagne).

And finally, a special thanks to Matthew Rowe from The Canadian Wool Council & Campaign for Wool Canada, through whom we've had such enriching exchanges surrounding our shared passion for wool.

Canada currently produces high-quality wool ranging from 27 to 29 microns, more suitable for decor, rugs, bedding, isolation. To produce our knits, we exclusively use extra-fine to superfine wools ranging from 15 to 18 microns sourced from Australia and New Zealand. Nevertheless, we have some projects in mind for 2024-2025 involving Canadian wool that will stem from this valuable collaboration. Stay tuned!