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Rendez-vous sur la côte...
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See you on the coast...

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This season, let’s live spring!

A desire to put on our boots and a cotton sweater, cool and cozy at the same time, to walk along the cliffs, explore the puddles, pick up pebbles, and smell the fresh silt.

ça va de soi encompasses the feeling of living by the shore this season, broadening our horizons.

Let yourself be rolled by the waves, picking up the foam as you go. To be disheveled in blues, grays and sandy pinks.

Carried and swept away by the return of fine weather, dreaming of being a mermaid, a fisherman - in the open sea.

If the sky is overcast, the brilliance of the colours will be even more intense. Tame the stormy grey, the silvery shimmering reflections of the shells. Squat down and wait, closer to the landscape. Shiver, curl up by a dune in an eco cotton cashmere knit, run your tongue over your lips and taste the salty air. Watching for the thinning clouds, returning home with a bouquet of the first wildflowers in hand.

ça va de soi gives you a rendez-vous on the coast. You know… That windy place where we build memories that last !

Sabine Benoît for ça va de soi - 2022

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