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Pourquoi on aime tant les couleurs chinées ?
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Why do we love heather colours so much ?

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The unique charm of these chameleon colours

A heather coloured knit has the ability to adapt to several situations. Practical and functional, they also show less stains. Heather colours in knitwear are the equivalent of fil à fil and tweed in woven garments. Just like a subdued light, it brings a softness to our look.

In knitwear the heather, fil à fil or space dyed colours are made up of several colours in one, and therefore create unique harmonies and arrangements.

Heather colours are the result of a unique skill. We had the chance to meet some great connoisseurs of fibre dyeing in Italy, in the Marche region located south-east of Florence, where they are world renowned for their artistic knowledge.

Heather colour dyeing has a lower carbon footprint because less dye and fixing agents are required to achieve the end result and create longevity.

These fibre dyeing techniques offer the least amount of chemical intervention and therefore result in the softest garments by keeping the fibre close to natural state.

How is wool, cashmere and cotton dyed directly from the fibre?

It consists of putting the fibre in large containers, blowing air, and gradually injecting an amalgamation of colours selected by a professional dyer/colourist.

There are many nuances that do not appear at first glance, we notice multiple components that this colour contains, which creates a colour composed of several.

The spinners spin this fibre which will be knitted into multiple textures and shapes.

An example of a colour created especially for us is the colour nori. This colour can simply look like a dark blue melange, but by looking closer at this colour, we see can see purple and turquoise hues appear.

These nuances, which contribute to the longevity and beauty of a colour, can be compared to caudalie in the field of wine or to base notes in perfumery.

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