Spring - Summer 2024

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Hello, my name is Kiko.

I am a hybrid bear cub, an ursus pizzlii, a mix between the Polar bear and the Grizzly.

My parents met in the spring in the Arctic territories. It is said that hybrid bears are strong, and a testament of life’s ability to adapt and survive in any environment...

I am a symbol of diversity, inclusion, love and acceptance.

My generation, I love it!

Each piece is unique and made by hand, up-cycled using carefully selected knitwear scraps from ça va de soi.

Produced by Raplapla for ça va de soi.

Seamstress Name: Denise and Marie

Batch #. ( /100)

(Limited Edition)

Padding: recycled polyester fibre

Hypoallergenic and meets health and safety standards

Care advice:

Machine wash, cold water

Flat dry, no dryer

For any repairs you can bring it to The Cloth People Hospital: Raplapla:

* A health book is provided *

69 Rue Villeneuve O, Montreal, QC H2T 2R4 

+514 563 1209