Spring - Summer 2024

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FAIRISLE light grey


The traditional undyed shetland wool throw

To offer you this throw, ça va de soi has teamed up with the most authentic and close to the source of this craft: Adam & Curtis / The Real Shetland Company. *

Real Shetland wool is wool sourced exclusively from the Shetland Islands and is distinguished by the three sheep logo. By purchasing real-real Shetland wool you are helping to support this crofting, a unique product made by a community that has kept its traditions for hundreds of years. We are proud to be able to offer traceability of this product from the Shetland farms where the wool comes from to the finished product made Bradford, England.

About the undyed Shetland wool blankets:

The wool for all the Shetland blankets is grown exclusively in the Shetland Islands.The Shetlands are a small group of northern Scottish islands with a proud weaving and knitting heritage and their own distinctive breed of diminutive sheep which thrive in the harsh, windswept climate.

The islands have a unique culture, having been part of Viking Norway for longer than they have been part of Scotland. Shetland wool is shorn and then graded and hand sorted for colour. The wool then goes to Bradford, England to the most environmentally friendly scouring and combing plant of its type in the world. The wool is spun into yarn in Yorkshire, England (29 miles from Bradford) where it is also woven.

Not long ago, Shetland Wool was thrown into the sea because no one wanted it and the local industry was dying out until our supplier came along and rebuilt the supply chain. It is now sought after and it is a direct benefit back to the Shetland Island crofters and sheep farmers, sorters and transport companies that gather it together. There are knock off products that say they are shetland (often with a small `s)

* A special thanks to Campaign for wool Canada.

Size 72’’ x 52"

Utility 4-SEASON

Technique Woven

Provenance 100% Undyed Shetland Wool. Made in Bradford, England

Care advise Hand wash, or services provided by çava bain

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