Spring - Summer 2024

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Long relaxed fit turtleneck sweater

The merits of the classic turtleneck are no longer counted and have no need to be bragged. But the fiber that composes the Anatolia deserves to be explained, for it is the camel wool preserved in its pure state, without any dye, which composes it that makes this long sweater as rich as it is rare. Soft, supple, particularly absorbent, warm in winter and cool in summer, this beauty addresses the climatic differences as desert animals do, with brilliance. Urban but comfy, this sweater is to rank among the necessities. And for ethical reasons as well as to preserve its silky touch, ça va de soi has chosen to preserve the camel fiber in its natural color.

Similar to goats and sheep, camels periodically shed a fine, smooth down, able to stand up to the hot and cold extremes of the desert. Preserved in its raw state, these fibres yield a magnificent soft knit, particularly absorbent, keeping you cosy in winter and cool in summer.

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