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Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm


5158, Boulevard Saint-Laurent,

Montreal, QC, H2T 1R8

5158, Boulevard Saint-Laurent,

Montreal, QC, H2T 1R8

Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm

Alashan cashmere

Mongolia's dry and arid winters provide a favorable climate which forces goats to develop this protective down against the cold. Unlike other natural fibres, the more difficult the conditions are for the animal in its natural habitat, the better the quality of the down! it is important to mention that this down that we adore comes from pure nature.

This material is made of pure cashmere from Mongolia, an exceptional down resulting from a meticulous sorting by hand which aims to retain only the longest and finest fibres. The perfect beauty and elegance of this rare yarn are matched only by the pleasure of its soft warmth on the skin. 





JOYCE black


ZAINI glaized lemon/black


JELENA black

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