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Super 120 carded wool, women's collection

SUPER 120 carded merino wool, 17.5 micron

Women's collection

Thanks to a revolutionary carding process, this ultra-fine and ultra-long wool fibre breathes and stretches to unfold its splendour. The result allowed us to design knits in this comfortable wool mist. It is light, warm and thermal.

This first edition in 2022 is available in a story of colours that transport us to arctic landscapes:

Lemming, polar blue, tundra, frost, pack ice, penguin, seal pup, narwhal, igloo, bays muskox

NESLA tundra


CECILIE seal pup


NESLA black


UNGAVA tundra


FIALA polar blue


BERING polar blue


NESLA narwhal


NESLA lemming


FUNDY polar blue


LIV black


KARO frost