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Inspiration style, Frida Kahlo et l'art naïf

Style inspiration, Frida Kahlo & naïve art

This month we explore and seek inspiration in the universe of Frida. An artist we esteem for her self-taught spirit, her innate feminism, and her style. Throughout her life, Frida has portrayed her imaginary world, feelings and pain. We pay particular attention to its expression under the naive art movement that we love for its freshness of expression, its way of not taking oneself seriously and its spontaneity.

It's not easy to make a work of art, a garment, or represent yourself with style and distinction while making it look so easy and effortless...

Discover our team's curation based on the inspiration:

TOMMY coconut


BABYLONE pink sand

Out of stock





TAMARA firmament


NORIA pink sand


HAMPTONS papyrus


BYBLOS pink sand


LYDIA pink sand

Out of stock

FIFI guava


KAYLA firmament


KAYLA tanzanite


ANIKA pink sand




IBIZA negroni


PORTO ivory


KAYLA dune


EFIA tanzanite