Spring - Summer 2024

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Bucolic, the month of August is often lived in an idyllic way.

Daydreaming while watching nature at its greenest and at its peak.

A breeze caresses us, and reminds us that back to school/work is fast approaching ...

Fall awaits us, our cherished season.

Let's adopt and wear all those colors that the sun makes so beautiful in our eyes and on our skin.

To your poems, to your idylls.

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CORALIE coconut


TOMMY coconut


FRIPOUNE rosewood


KATRYN coconut


BABYLONE pink sand


FRANCETTE champagne


AIDA silver


ROSA coconut

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MERIBEL chestnut


BRUCE froth

Out of stock

MERIBEL saffron




TOMMY pudding


HELENE coconut


TENERIFE negroni


ROXANNE pudding


JOAN purple