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Lancement de notre collection 2021-22
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Launch of our 2021-22 collection

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Good things come to those who wait. We’re celebrating November with the arrival of our long-awaited Fall-Winter 2021 collection, bringing forth warmth and comfort in the full meaning of the word.

As per our tradition, we’re reinventing classics to offer you pieces that are as modern as they are timeless, in the stunning fabrics of royal cashmere and Super 160 merino wool. We heard you and we listened: from giving you elegant cashmere and wool pants perfectly suited to lounging and Zoom meetings (YOJI and DESIREE) to bringing back ça va de soi favourites (CLEO and SAVINI), we wanted to fulfill your wants and desires. A collection for you, by you. Clothes to be worn close to the skin and bring you closer to nature, made ethically and sustainably. Pieces best suited to be by the fireplace, enjoying quality time with friends, or in the cocoon of your own home, snuggled up in a DREAMA or a heritage Real shetland throw. Time for softness and coziness.

Wrap yourself in cashmere from head to toe -literally. From our SWAN slippers to the DENEUVE headband, along with the YOJI pants, YAMA cardigan and CLEO shawl, back to keep you warm, we made it so you can enjoy the warmth and the softness of this fabric to the fullest. It can even keep you company in Morpheus’ arms with the GALACTIC cashmere eye mask, which promises peaceful nights while keeping the sensitive skin around the eyes soft and protected. A collection made for home as much as it is suited for enjoying life’s special occasions in the utmost warmth and coziness. Discover the effortless refinement of pieces like ZAZEN and SAVINI, which will make you glow inside and out. Be drawn to the JAVANA blazer cardigan or the YONI sweater, pieces that are as chic as they are comfortable. Everything in candy-coloured hues, from frost blue to rhubarb pink, a palette inspired by the fifties, by joie de vivre and the innate simplicity of pastel shades. It feels like being wrapped up in a cloud.

We’re proud introduce pieces made entirely from royal cashmere, the ultimate noble fabric. Every thread is chosen carefully by hand to preserve only the longest, strongest and whitest. Sourced directly from Mongolia, royal cashmere is unique in its softness, its warmth, its shininess, its strength and its lightness, feeling like a hug on the skin. Pure perfection. 

Super 160 wool is renowned for its strength and its warmth. Ours is spun and died especially for us in Biella, Italia, by Angelo and Roberta, siblings who inherited their father’s business. Like ça va de soi, theirs is a story of family and love – their father proudly stating he was married to multiple women – his wife, and the machines on which he doted day and night. This wool’s incomparable lightness is due to a unique technology which introduces air bubbles in the carding process, resulting in an incredibly supple and aerial final product. In 2019, many years in the making, Roberta and Angelo opened their own dyeing operation, which adheres to the strongest environmental and quality standards. All this devotion bears fruit, with our Super 160 wool earning the Responsible Wool Standard certification, which ensures that the whole chain of production protects animal welfare, preserves land health, and ensures workers’ social welfare.

As for its radiant colours created especially by ça va de soi, they were inspired by natural dyes and the land itself. From Neolithic China to medieval England, humans have always been bewitched by the power of plants when applied to fabrics. In the nineteenth century, the Arts & Crafts movement brought back a strong interest in ancient dyeing techniques, while the poet and playwright Goethe, who also dabbled in art history and critique, is said to have been fascinated by Gülich’s theories on wool colouring processes. As 20% of worldwide water pollution is due to dyeing in the fashion and textile industry, it’s time to bring back that enchantment for durable solutions, with nature at the heart of our techniques and skills. This year’s colours are called henne, biscotte, eucalyptus, zaatar, chou-fleur (cauliflower), an homage to nature’s abundance and resourcefulness. They bring forth memories of happy nights spent eating with friends, or cooking with a good glass of wine, in the same way that this collection’s pieces -the OREE cardigan, the SUTRA turtleneck, or the hooded cardigan RENOIR - are as suited for a walk in the forest as they are for a dinner with loved ones.

To honour this beautiful collection dedicated to warmth, we have reunited for the first time in thirty years photographer Serge Barbeau, stylist Randy Smith, and makeup artist Steeve Daviault, to create and elegant FW21 campaign featuring Agnes Ouradou, Leila Marie, Emma Auger and Max Léger. It was an honour to collaborate with them, as well as with Lea Berger, graphist at Berger, and the result, radiant and refined, is one that could not be more ça va de soi.

We’re thrilled to welcome you to our universe of warmth and softness, drawing from and inspired by nature, by simplicity, by a return to all that is effortless. Thank you for your patience, and we wish you an excellent fall and winter in ça va de soi.